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1. A term used when a people gather at a local game store at Midnight for a video game release.

2. When you ejaculate at Midnight (usually in the dark, and it can be by yourself, with another, or in a group)
1. Hey, you weren't in school today, did you go to Game Stop last night for the Midnight Release?

2. Nobody was home at the moment, and I was a bit horny, so I decided to have a Midnight Release.
by HowlandNotTooCool January 29, 2010

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A person who is addicted to Mafia Wars, and they have it on Myspace, Facebook, and even the application for the iPod Touch. They are usually around level 100 after four months of playing. These people have well over 125 people in their mafia.
Man 1: Dude, why haven't you answered any of my calls?

Man 2: Oh sorry, I've been playing Mafia Wars a little too much.

Man 1: You are such a Mafia Wars Whore
by HowlandNotTooCool October 05, 2009

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When you cum in a book, then close the book. You then give the book to a girl and have her open to the page you jizzed on. Then when she looks at the page, you slam the book in her face.
Why the fuck did you give me a slow learner?
by HowlandNotTooCool October 04, 2009

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