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When a man or woman touches themselves on their 'parts' to create an amazing sensation similar to sex.

Masturbate to this ig.

One Saturday afternoon I was bored and very horny so I started preparing to masturbate. I pulled up lesbian sex on the hub on my laptop and started undressing in my bedroom. After a few minutes I took off my undergarments and threw them to the side of the room. I began masturbating, I played and mauled with my pussy until I was nearly dripping wet. I grabbed a bin of sex toys from under my bed, I start with a vibrator, rubbing it against my clitoris. I then went back to fingering myself, sticking one, then two fingers up my pussy, hitting my g-spot and moaning loudly.

I almost hit my orgasm when I hear a knock on my door and moan, "Come in!" I see my best friend standing in the doorway, an eager look in her eyes. "Get your ass in here and get something inside of me!" I yell. She rips off her shirt and small shorts revealing her bra-less and in sexy lingerie bottoms. She goes down to my crotch that is getting wetter by the second. Using her tongue, she licks my clit and rubs around it, then she starts pumping her fingers in and out of me.

"Now it's my turn." She smirks. I grab a dildo from the bin pumping it in her dripping pink pussy. She's moaning and screaming and grabbing my tits. We go at it for hours, we cum, we moan, we use sex toys, and we enjoy every second of it.
by Horney_b!tch May 28, 2021
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f4f means: Follow for Follow. This term is used on social media normally in or under a post.
User_01: f4f anyone?
by Horney_b!tch May 28, 2021
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