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1. The best period of music
1. All others are shit
2. All others are shit
3. All others are shit
4. You will die alone of you listen to anything from the romantic or moder era
5. Only listen to Baroque music, or our lord and savior J.S. Bach will stab your genitalia with an Oboe reed.
by HomoBromo March 01, 2018

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A phrase to bring light to those who are being hypocritical.
Glass house: A term reminding hypocrites to shut the fuck up and jump off a bridge

"People who live in glasses houses should shut the fuck up"
-Anorak's Almanac from Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
by HomoBromo March 01, 2018

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Someone who disagrees with any of my exact opinions in any way, shape, or form.
A guy yesterday told me that he doesn't believe in the death penalty! He's such a nazi!
by HomoBromo May 30, 2018

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