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One of the best Sci-Fi Books you will ever read, with a film adaptation releasing in March 2018.

The book follows a young boy named Wade Watts who lives in The Stacks in the year 2045, where most of the world lives inside a Massive Virtual Reality called the OASIS. Everyone has abandoned the real world, as it is just a polluted wasteland.

One day, the inventor of this Virtual utopia, James Halliday Dies, and a pre-recorded message is sent to everyone, announcing a huge contest, where the first to find an easter egg hidden in this universe will earn all of his fortunes and will have full access/control over the OASIS.
Awesome Dude 1: Dude, have you seen the trailer to Ready Player One?
Awesome Dude 2: Yeah bro, i'm so pumped! The Iron Giant is in it!
AD1: I'm so glad I read the book.
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by Miles_Bey0nd September 25, 2017
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That one badass movie with too many fucking easter eggs in it
Yo did you see Ready Player One?
Yes I found 100 easter eggs
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by idontreallyknowtobehonest July 27, 2018
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A prime example of how Steven Spielberg is out of times with modern world. He was great in the 90's, could've just stayed in the closet afterwards
Jim: Have you seen ready player one?
Kate: SEEN?! You mean READ! Cause that Shitberg's depiction of it was utter bull, ruinied a perfectly fine book.
by horsejackshit May 27, 2018
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