2 definitions by Homeslice of Darkness

1. consentual sex (otherwise it is rape; otherwise known as "reindeer")
2. an extremely attractive male
me: "OMG David Tennant is my sheep"
me: "David Tennant is the sheep"
me: "David Tennant is sheep on legs"
me: "David Tennant is sheepy"

gareth david-lloyd, david tennant, john barrowman, jamie T, leonardo decaprio in the nineties, paulo nutini(on his good side), gaspard ulliel, tom felton, james franco, Guillaume Canet, toby hemmingway, mathew mcfadyen, colin firth, hugh grant, johnny depp(duh), adam brody, the guy in the mac commercials, the guy in the New World, orlando bloom, justin timberlake, joshua jackson, burn gorman(for his AMZING acting abilities), heath ledger, paul bettany...etc
by Homeslice of Darkness January 3, 2008
manmuffin; man + muffin - origin - Torchwood videos on youtube - noun - Ianto - Gareth David-Lloyd

"hot sexy gorgeous horny welsh manmuffin" - totally stolen from youtube
by Homeslice of Darkness January 3, 2008