5 definitions by HoloKolaMasterRace

localhost (meaning your computer)'s IPv4 address
also see 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 (localhost IPv6)
Jake: Yo Joe, see all these when I run netstat?
Joe: Yes, what is that?
Jake: It's this PC.
by HoloKolaMasterRace May 14, 2021
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VR on the cheap, Unfortunately only 3DoF but a good deal, got mine for 9€ or about 10 US Dollars. Needs a smartphone with a Gyroscope, and may or may not have head straps
Mario: Yo dude I can do VR, and I only spent 9 euros!
Luigi: How dude?
Mario: I bought a Google Cardboard!
Luigi: Woah Cook my brudda
by HoloKolaMasterRace January 4, 2021
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Windows, but it's weird
also Ghoti
by HoloKolaMasterRace May 28, 2021
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