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The greatest radio show of all time!
The Savage Nation owns! That's all!
by Hollercaust April 06, 2011
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The opposite of a Hollywood/Happy ending, typically in films but can be used when speaking about anything else that has an ending.

Comes from the fact that many French films have a tendency to have very sad and gloomy endings.
The movies "A Serbian Film", and Funny Games" had two of the greatest French Endings of all time.
by Hollercaust November 05, 2012
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It's like a mix of Yuppie, emo, hippy, indie and beatnik which all share that smug liberal elitist attitude. Hipsters just tend to have a slightly better fashion sense imo. A 90's nostalgia thing of mine I guess.

The association with progressive politics can be seen in their inflated ego and low self-esteem as their suppressed social and tribal instincts are manifested in what they think is a nonchalant manner but is actually seen by outsiders for what it is.
That hipster stole my bi-cycle glove!
by Hollercaust April 06, 2011
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