Someone who is so savage that the word savage can't even describe how savage they are.
Nick is The Savage.
by The A team July 11, 2016
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a boss ass bitch who isnt scared of anyone or anything and never holds back their fire comebacks
everyone: "DAMN!!!! Brianna Schillings is a SAVAGE"
by somedickhead10193 June 07, 2016
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Adj: Merciless, brutally honest; Usually reffering to somebody who has no regard for how another person feels and doesn't hold back.
Josh: Why do you always wear a jacket all the time?
Helen: I like it its-
Eden: It's because she's fat as fuck, and the jacket help her hide it.
Josh: Straight savage.
by Czecherboard February 18, 2016
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A savage is some who does not care about the Consequences of his or her actions. Usually the savage will do things that make other people say, "What the fuck are you crazy?" It has been over used to mean other things but this is the orinigal meaning. also see balls of steel
by B-dub (refers to my age) November 18, 2005
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person who is fierce and ready too fight. they are not afraid of anyone.
gosh, she's such a savage.
by happymonkey101 December 14, 2016
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A quiet, kind & extremely loyal person perceived by narcissists as weak, passive and/or subservient. In reality a savage is a forward thinking, highly intelligent, well armed & self protective person. Any attempt to take advantage of or manipulate them will lead to an unexpected catastrophic fallout of fuckery which will most likely involve not only the narcissist but also every aspect of their life!
Well Holy shit , I never saw that coming! Absolute SAVAGE! 😱
by TJ98 December 14, 2016
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A person who dont give a fuck. Who is ruthless in getting what they want.
That man is riding hard on them hoes. He is a savage about his money.
by crazygirlforreal December 07, 2008
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