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A garden you plant to sustain your life during the hard times your paranoid mind is telling will come soon, like world wars, alien invasions, dirty nuclear terrorist attack, massive chinese hacking or zombie pandemics.
Example: "When the grid goes down and lines of distribution are cut, we will have enough produce from our own gardens to keep ourselves alive" (from the Armageddon Garden Club).
by Hofesh November 14, 2011
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A holiday celebrated by Ayn Rand fans all around the world. It is observed every 2nd February, the birthday of Ayn Rand, and it consists of giving yourself a gift to celebrate the "rational selfishness" advocated by Ayn Rand. Randsday is to remind yourself that pleasure in life is an actual human need and that joy and motivation are to be deserved, they will not come to you automatically. Celebrate you are alive by loving your values and re-affirming your virtues.
"hey, today is Randsday! I'm gonna indulge in some good banquet and good cabernet wine. Cheers to me!"

"Man, it's 2nd February! Give yourself a break"
by Hofesh February 03, 2013
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