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Any material which becomes, right after masturbating, not at all interesting.
The newest addition to my voluminous collection of pornography is the 1983 classic "Granny Trannies."
by Hlex April 12, 2006

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The ghost of an aborted fetus. Generally has big eyes. Known to whimper "WHY DID YOU KILL ME?" in an adorable cartoony voice. Derived from apparition.
That freakin' aborition won't leave me alone... why'd the pope have to go and get rid of Limbo?
by Hlex November 15, 2006

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An adjective used to describe an attractive goth girl. Derived from sepulcher and pulchritude.
Damn, bro, did you check out that hot goth chick? She was one fine exemplification of sepulchritude.
by Hlex October 06, 2006

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