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A word used at a time of excitement. A joyous exclamation, usually yelled.

John - "I just bought a bottle of Patrón, let's get Wasted."

Edwincito - ".....CHAAAAAAUUUUUUSSSSSSSS!!!!!"


John - "I got two girls coming over, one's hot... the other is..."

Edwincito - "Chaus?"

John - "She has huge tits, her face is uhhh.."

Edwincito - "CHAAAAUSSSSSS!!!"
by HiM4nos July 14, 2010
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When a girl plays with a guys penis, without even coming in contact with it.
The girl seems like she wants to hook-up, but never does.
Guy 1 - I was over Jackie's house again last night, helping her pack up her clothes for the move, I think she likes me.

Guy 2 - Did she touch your penis?

Guy 1 - ...No.

Guy 2 - Invisible Handjob bro.... you're never gonna hit that.
by HiM4nos June 9, 2010
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