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Yet another pointless label.

"Goths" are people that may wear black that May listen to death metal that may wear trench coats. However thats not what all goths wear. There are HUNDREDS of different catorgorys of goth.

Some may be depressed and selfharmers. Others are happy lovley people. Theres happy and depressive people in every sub culture so i dont understand why goths have such a bad reputation for being depressed.

I know many goths that DONT cut themselves that DONT worship satan that ARNT depressed. I get that alot of them are depressed ect but so are alot of townies/neds/scrotes/chavs.

Just because someone wears black it doesnt mean they are goths.

Stop giving them hassle because they want to be different. If you dont like the style dont wear it...simple...isnt it
Problems goths face
* Nicknames such as "that gay devil worshipping freak that dyed his hair purple"
* Wearing a black turtleneck when it's 90 degrees outside
* Being asked to defend your entire existence in 30 seconds or less.
* Having little kids tug on their parent's arm and say, "Look, Mommy, isn't she pretty? I want to look like her!" while the parents grab the child and run for it
* Attempting to explain Goth to anyone
* Religion: while everybody still thinks you are a Devil-worshipper despite all your explanations..
* Trying to explain to people that the scars up and down your arms are actually from your cat.
by Hettie August 13, 2006
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