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A phrase used in most cheesy thriller/action/horror movies and novels.

It's intense and dramatic and is usually not shrilled..it's more of a shocking realization that the character is far more out-numbered than previously planned.
"We can't hold back the tides anymore, they're on us! Capn! They're coming from behind!"

*music stops..slow-camera pan on the new hoard of enemies*

"My god."
by Hermes August 24, 2008
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Comes from cockney rhyming English, the street slang of 18 century London crooks. Fancy a look? look rhymes with (butchers) hook.
I've some stereos. Fancy a butchers, me ol china?
by Hermes January 15, 2005
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A form of faggotry so vile that it scares away light itself leaving the bringer of the faggotry and his nearby surroundings into a shroud of sodomy and all things unholy.

Usually it means someone did something unbelievably lame on purpose. Like stabbing you in the back, or eating the last pop-tarts and putting the box back in the pantry so we all expect there to be pop-tarts but then there are no pop-tarts, and thus the mission is ruined.

"There's some dark faggotry around."


"You are the master of dark faggotry!"
by Hermes August 24, 2008
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The worst possible insult given from an Australian to a Brit. Precludes fights.
That's my girl, you bloody queenslander!
by Hermes January 15, 2005
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What a man has to give himself when he really wants a woman to give him a blow job.
Wilma won't give head to Fred
So when he stretches out in bed
He gives himself hand jobs instead.
by hermes April 19, 2003
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