a douche on a futile endeavor for originality who BELIEVES that they are the only one capable of perceiving the satire in obviously atrocious situations.
jennifer lopez: hey did that dick just make fun of your example for a word on urban dictionary because its so redundant?

me: yeah hes a faux-intellectual
by NXN March 11, 2011
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n. A person, usually male, that believes that they are intellectually gifted, making them superior to their perceived competition inherently. What makes them so unique (and unpleasant...) is their outspoken manner of self-righteousness. Most examples, to give the reader an application of the term, respond to outrage headlines with utmost skepticism, and will bother the poster for facts to prove to the faux-intellectual that it isn't actually fake. Faux-intellectuals almost always behave as if they are above impassioned impulse reactions - when, in reality, such reactions are normal. Ironically, as an aside, most faux-intellectuals respond rather defensively and abrasively to being called out.
"Terry spent a good four hours last night picking apart the new GoT season and talking down anybody that interjected."
"He's a faux-intellectual. He needs to admire the sound of his own voice at least six times a day, else he's liable to combust."
by TheActualShadowChaser July 16, 2019
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