WordClown: -noun. 1. A person who unwittingly entertains others thru what they (alone) believe to be cleverly deceptive syntax. They often mistakenly assume themselves to be quite sophisticated, scholarly or brilliant--not suspecting that others are laughing at their buffoonery. 2. A faux-intellectual or laughably inept "expert" who inadvertently provides entertainment by using words as if they were loudly beeped out of a clown's squeeze-horn. 3. One who pathetically attempts to defend the indefensible by distracting everyone with a word-juggling act worthy of a clown.
WordClownism is a disease that is triggered by fact-finding or whistleblowing, at which time the WordClown immediately begins spinning, twisting or otherwise torturing the truth in a frantic effort to keep it hidden. Their desperation is so great that they begin spewing non-sensical words, framed with much gravitas--which only heightens the hilarity.
by HelluvaHoax! October 16, 2011
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