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The murder weapon from the popular anime/manga series, Death Note. To use the death note all one needs to do is write a person's name down while picturing their face.

The owner of the death note is haunted by a shinigami for the entire time they have it. They may make the "eye trade" with the shinigami at anytime, which would give them the ability to see a person's name just by looking at them.
You may not want to fuck with Light, or he'll write your name down in his death note
by Hebi August 27, 2007

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Note that this does not apply to ALL anime fans, but definately a good portion of them.

An anime fan who does the following.

a) Calls themself an Otaku and thinks that makes them better than everyone else, not realizing that in Japan it is an insult. If they do it to make fun of themselves, it's fine.

b) Thinks they know everything about Japanese culture just from watching anime and reading manga, when in reality, they know jack shit about it.

c) Thinks they're superior because they've seen more anime than the stuff on Cartoon Network.

d) Thinks that if they go to Japan they'll be accepted do to their intense love of anime, even though in Japanese culture, people who adore anime that much are seen as losers. Not to mention, doesn't realize that Japanese society is not generally that fond of Americans.

e) Thinks that America is totally inferior to Japan, even if they have never been there.

f) Thinks they know a ton of Japanse from watching subbed anime, even if they can only name a few words.
Jesus, Christ! Maddie's become more Wapanese than Gwen Stefani!
by Hebi August 27, 2007

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A grotesque form of hentai featuring gore or scat.

I need not say more.
by Hebi August 27, 2007

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