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derived from Internet Explorer, ieish means crappy and annoying, bug/virus-ridden, and refers to the way in which some websites, have some options only available to work in IE in a pitiful attempt to make IE used more
God Damn! this thing is being so ieish!
by Headless Chicken June 04, 2005

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1. The condition of having an text message inbox so full, it takes you off the grid for a while. Especially messages from one individual.

2. Describing an individual that sends you copious amounts of inane text messages, incessantly.
1. Arrgh, I can't send any messages! My phone's got texticular cancer!

2. Matt won't stop messaging me. That guy is texticular cancer.
by Headless Chicken December 11, 2010

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to steal ones rhymes, to rob someone of their anal virgiity, have gay sex, ass-rape.
Hehehe he stole your rhymes
by Headless Chicken February 25, 2005

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to smoke weed or a spliff
"you been jumpin' fences again?"
by Headless Chicken June 02, 2005

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1. A tasty morning drink made from coffee beans.
2. Sex, ~from the wrong side of the cup: Anal Sex, ~from the wrong side of the manly cup: gay sex
"You wanna come have some coffee?"
"Hey, he's been having coffe from the wrong side of the cup!"
by Headless Chicken June 02, 2005

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