4 definitions by Harrysdimple

My PR girl boss queen that makes us all appreciate Camille Rowe and Kendall Jenner.
Person: Who is Harry styles dating? Olivia Wilde?

Me: Definitely not Ms. Wilde Cockburn Sudeikis, that’s for sure.
by Harrysdimple November 7, 2021
The love of my actual life and a talented king.
Who is Louis Tomlinson? He seems cool.

Me: The best person ever! He’s our handsome prince.
by Harrysdimple November 7, 2021
Easily the most obvious PR stunt I’ve ever seen… makes you think about how many Hollywood relationships are fake. At least most his Ex’s didn’t make Harry look miserable. At this point I side with the larries, not even when the fans harassed him and Louis did he look as annoyed as he does with Olivia.
Holivia is so fake. Camille please come back I beg.
by Harrysdimple November 7, 2021
The superior name. It’s catchy, it’s short, it’s sweet. I hope Louis takes the name.
Louis styles or Harry To-
Me: Louis Styles. Argue with the wall.
by Harrysdimple November 7, 2021