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The effect on Long Island whereby the western regions of the island are generally warmer due to the closer proximity of the mainland (where there is more land mass heat being generated) and the population gets denser (which creates more radial heat from electricity, heaters, cars, etc...).
As you move from Montauk to Brentwood you can really notice a difference in the air temperature due to the urban heat island effect.
by Harry Stotle January 19, 2008
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A vernacular expression used by New York metro residents referring to Long Island, NY.
Hey yo, you goin' out to The Island tonight?
by Harry Stotle December 16, 2017
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Someone who maximizes their personality, influence and talents using the internet while simultaneously living out of their bedroom. Also abbreviated as Bedowar.
That kids one bad Bedroom Warrior.

She's not coming out tonight because she's being such a bedowar.
by Harry Stotle January 13, 2008
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