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A chemo is a chav who is turning grebo/emo/skater.

They mix there styles, sumtimes it will be an addias hoodie with nike trainers. Other times it will be a colourful hoodie with dcs. They can also mix the chav with the greb. Ex. Nike trainers and colourful hoodie.
They like bright and dull colours.
There style is probaly mainly skater, but if there wearing skinneys they probably look more emo/greb.

They mix all the emo, grebo, skater styles 2getha most of the time ......
What they wear
-Bright hoodies
-pattern hoodies
-plain vest tops
-big print tees
-Long necklaces
-cowboy style scarfs
-dolly shoes
-skinney legs (worn with dolly shoes)
-Boot cut jeans (worn with trainers)

If they mix chav with skater/greb/emo style they might wear one peice of chavvy clothing with the rest being skater/greb/emo.
-Bright hoodie
-plain top
-boot cut jeans

Chemos probably used to be quite snobby people who thought skaters/grebs/emos were lower than them. You know when there turning chemo because they start to be more considerate to skaters/grebs/emos. They will start telling their friends about this new style there liking, and get there opinions.
After they have gone chemo they are generally much more kinder people to everyone (apart from loners/nerds). They will feel a lot more confident and they true selves.
They are not like emos though, They are not emotionally depressed actually the opposite very happy people and content with life.

Chemos will not distant themsleves form they chavvy friends but will gain new ones form the skater/greb/emo side. They might even become better friends with some of there chavvy friends because they will feel much happier knowing that there being thier true selves.

Chemos generally will like priity much everything apart from classical and very heavy rock.
There main type of music will be punk rock, punk pop, and hardcore dance(for they love to party, lol)
Bands they like:
-Fall out boy
-My chemical romance
-Panic! at the dicso
-The hoosiers
-Lost Prophets
-Blink 182

I hope you now know what a chemo is and maybe you have realised you are one.
Chemo girls yershh..
by Harlz March 21, 2008

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