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Motorboating a chicks butt at the bar and pulling her pants down with your teeth while growling. Follow this up by standing up and yelling "tugBoat" and then go "whooooo whooooo" while pretending to pull the horn down with your hand.
When in Dewey Beach, DE a hot waitress walked by and I had to tugboat the Sh*t out of her only to be followed up with a smack to the face. I proudly asked for another tugboat and a smack to the face.
by Hank69 September 23, 2010

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When a man or woman approaches the opposite sex and proceeds to hump his/her leg vigorously for personal enjoyment.
Man, did you see Hank? He just walked up to that chick and pulled the Terrier. She didn't even see it coming. Oh... I think she just smacked the Sh*t out of him. Man...
by Hank69 October 07, 2008

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