5 definitions by Hamrix

The act of learning someone is a piece of shit over time compared to who the person was thought to be.
I thought Chad was a good guy, turns out he's just a piece of shit. That fake juxtapos.
by Hamrix July 22, 2019
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The act of booling max level boss status. Being the Alpha within the social circle in which you bool with. To have no cap boolin restrictions on life. To be treated like a King by your Boo Queen in your realm or territory.
Everyone knows who is the best because they see him King Booling that all can attest.
by Hamrix July 22, 2019
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Speaking in ghost tongue possessed by King Booling empowering the soul. Allowing ultimate power to hit a lick or bool at Boss status no cap. When multiple Boos begin booling while speaking Eboonics a bool train may summon the Lord King Booling.

Once possessed with his presence anything within the realm of metaphysics is possible.
I got hooked on Eboonics once I felt the power of booling made life and death easy.
by Hamrix July 23, 2019
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Hijacking the feel of social gatherings to orchestrate a symphony of destruction or delight. Pirating open sourced vibes while riding waves.
He just might need to feelabuster so not to feel a buster feeling like his feels got busted by a filibuster feeling like he needs to filabust.
by Hamrix September 27, 2019
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While having outwit over someone's head.
Touche' this douche by whoosh to throw shade too forouche a finnesse play for fools.
by Hamrix September 27, 2019
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