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1. A round vessel for keeping liquids (primarily water) in it. A lota with a spout is used for cleansing oneself after urination or definition and this use is primarily associated with Muslims of South Asia i.e. Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, however, similar vessels are used in other Muslim countries too for personal hygiene. It is also used for wadu or ablution by some Muslims. A lota used for ablution is kept separate from the one used in toilet.
2. (In Pakistan) A politician with a tendency of changing political loyalties. This definition comes from the fact that if tilted on its side, a lota (vessel) can easily roll towards the slop.
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has become a lota? (i.e. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has changed his political party.)

Do not vote for Mushahid Hussain. He is a lota.
by Haider September 30, 2007

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1. (In Pakistan) Prostitute
2. (In Pakistan) A woman of bad character or famous for having questionable relations with many men. An adulterous woman.
(Originated from the reference to real taxi cabs which always have different riders everyday.)
I don't like that woman. She's a taxi.
by Haider April 30, 2008

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A sub-genere of Rock music invented in Pakistan by Pakistani rock band Junoon. Pakistani journalist Nadeem F Paracha coined this term in 1993. It was invented by the fusion of Rock music with Pakistani Sufi music.
Junoon is noted for its Sufi Rock music.
by Haider January 21, 2008

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(In Pakistan) A culture emerging as a result of Soviet-Afghan war marked by easy availability automatic fire arms and settlement of disputes with guns and blood shed. Many of American arms sent for Afghanistan ended up in Pakistani black markets from where anybody could buy them. Assault rifle Kalashnikov (also known as AK-47) has been the most popular automatic weapon until recently and has become the name sake of this culture.
Talibanization is another manifestation of Kalashnikov culture.
by Haider August 25, 2008

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