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An operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. Originally released in 1996 as version 4.0, it was aimed at business users with both server and client versions.

In 2000, Microsoft released a new version of NT, again aimed for business users. It was called Windows 2000, though the technical name is NT 5.0. It came in 4 versions: Professional (for client computers), and several server versions including 2000 Server, Advanced Server, and Datacenter Server.

Unlike previous versions of Windows, NT is built on its own, original kernal, meaning it has no affiliation to its predecessor MS-DOS. This, and many features new to the NT kernal, made NT the best operating system of its time.

Windows NT is still used by most PC users - both home and business. The current version is NT 5.1, known to consumers as XP Home Edition and XP Professional. The upcoming version of NT will be version 6.0, know to consumers as Windows Vista.
I think that people should learn how to use their Windows systems securly before complaining about it. If people used passwords, installed antivirus programs and firewalls, and used antispyware programs, they would get less than half the "blue screens of death" than they get now.
by HTML + Flash = cool March 24, 2006

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An outstanding OS developed by Apple. I think people need to learn more about computers before they talk badly about both the Mac and Windows.

Windows is a great OS. I have used it for 10 yrs and I have only had it crash twice (one computer ran 98, one XP). And it wasn't a problem because I had backups of everything. Most people's problems with Windows arise because they don't know how to secure their comps. If people installed anti-malware apps, and set their user accounts to "user" privliges (w/ 1 admin acct) then they would be all set.

Yes, the Macs have less apps written for them. But the ones that are written for them are sometimes superior to Windows apps. System processes in Macs use less resources than Windows machines and they never crash (at least X doesn't).

I have been a Windows user all my life, and I think it is a good OS. I just bought a Mac, and I love it.

Macs are the way to go.
Windows = gaudy GUI and is too user friendly in some areas and not user friendly enough in others.

Mac = Outstanding GUI, great performance (on Intel chips), and the right userfriendlyness in the right areas.

Power user/IT admin = WIN

Avg user = MAC
by HTML + Flash = cool April 30, 2006

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