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Someone who mindlessly follows instructions given by their satellite navigation system, despite road signs, dead ends and all real-world evidence to the contrary.
My Mum's such a satchav, she'd rather listen to that stupid voice telling her to drive down a six foot cow path than read the damn road signs!
by Gymnophoria August 24, 2007
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To be outraged by a really old news article or long dead forum thread.
"I'm totally outraged by this article about women not being able to vote that I found on Reddit!"
"Dude that's so laterage, that article's dated 1914"
by Gymnophoria November 21, 2014
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A person suffering from opposite-sex attraction disorder, whose sexual preference is not for the same gender, ie a hetero, moo or breeder
"John is so hot, I'm gonna ask him out on a date!"
"Yes he is, unfortunately he's homosexually impaired. It's so sad, such a waste."
by Gymnophoria October 04, 2016
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