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A person usually a man in his twenties who lacks all forms of ambitions and aspiration, they usually lack any type of marketable skills and spend their days masturbating. They feel that their life on this earth is unwarranted due to the illegitimate fucking that brought him into the world.
Andrew is such a shiftless bastard, I know he doesn't know he's father and he's mother is working as a prostitute for coal miners but he could at least close the door when he's masturbating in the living room!
by Gunny bunny December 30, 2011

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A noun that describes the unique ability some men possess of being able to maintain a loving relationship with their partner whilst unknowing to the partner is cheating on them. Much the same way a chameleon can us each eye independently a man with chameleon eyes can look his wife in the eye while looking at the rack of a women passing by simultaneously.
Josh: how does arnold do it?! He sleeps with cindy his next door neighbor and he can still go home and make love to his wife like shed the only women in the world.

Clint: he's gifted my friend god has graced him with a pair of chameleon eyes
by gunny bunny April 12, 2012

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A joint that is collosal in both girth and length, so much so that it resembles the fictional primates oversized genatalia
joey: holy shit! johnny that has to biggest joint iv ever seen!

johnny: thats right dog and you know what joey were going to conquer this king kong dick together!
by gunny bunny March 28, 2012

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A combination of the words female and robot, used to describe the dry pasty bitch that always sits in front of the lecture and asks a fuck load of questions, they have no swag, there hair is atrocious and they generally never invest in there sex appeal much the same way a robot cannot be distracted from what is programmed to do a fembot can never be peer pressured into having the slightest bit of fun, they have no sense of humor or adventure and worst of all they NEVER PUT OUT! So don't bother charming them, they always sit by themselves due to there lack of friends.
Person 1: I was chatting up that chick with the oily hair for a whole semester and when I though we were gonna have sex she started doing calculus.
Person 2: I told you bro she's a fembot 5000
by gunny bunny April 13, 2012

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