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A foreman is someone with a foreskin, that is, someone who has not been circumcised.
Synonymous with carrera
Mike: You are a carrera.

The man claimed to be Jewish, but he was a foreman so his lie was obvious.
by Gumb May 28, 2005

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A meshed steel cage erected to the precise dimensions of a human being for the sole purpose to trap an unaware victim inside of it to perform an act of vile unconsentual and restricted buggary upon said victim
"Last night Stu and Dave put me in the rape cage"

"Damn bitch you're too fat for my rape cage"

"I'm sorry but this isn't the correct sized rape cage i was hoping for"
by Gumb April 13, 2008

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carrera- used interchangeably with the word "circumference" in several parts of Maryland.

The term originated from the name of someone with a 'circumference' and who got pissed off by it. However, the term spread and slightly broadened its meaning.
The teachers showed the geometry students how to find the carrera.

Jewish tradition is carrera-free.

The mathemetician found the carrera.
by gumb May 14, 2005

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