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1: The better half of the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern duo from the play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare.

2: Renegade Game Counsellor and all around swell guy.
Rosencrantz is a playa.
by Guildenstern September 30, 2003

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A dance inspired by a gif of a dancing domo-kun. It is preformed by moving both arms in a choping motion and shouting "KUN DANCE, KUN DANCE"
"hay Orion did you see that noob trying to do a kun-dance?"
by Guildenstern July 13, 2005

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1: Movies (moo-vies); The third in a series of movies each linked by plot elements to the next, usually referred to as the "shittiest" sequel.

2: Cartoons (kar-toonz); The third successive episode of a season of a given cartoon is referred to as Episode 3, season X. Typically, this will be the last good episode in a cartoon, except in the case of the Simpsons, in which case it will be the first of many. (Note: After Season 3, the Simpsons no longer made any good episodes at all.)
Episode 3 of season 9 the Simpsons rocked so hard, dude!!eleven
by Guildenstern September 30, 2003

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