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An online collection of words, 95% of which are ill-defined. This due to the website's reliance on socially under developed dorks, forty year-old virgins and hyper reactionary losers who think they are politically "involved.

On occasion, it provides some entertainment, but it is usually populated by angst ridden tirades by people who lash out at their betters.

While some readers may be offended at learning they are lesser beings, they should be reminded they came to Urban Dictionary of their own free will. They worked to get here, that says it all.
"I read about that on Urban Dictionary."

"I'm sorry."
by Guido555 October 27, 2011
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A member of an American political party founded on the issue of abolition (getting rid of slavery) as opposed to the Democratic Party which was formed on Indian relocation under Andrew Jackson.

The first Republican Presidential candidate was Abraham Lincoln and they were the main opposition to the pro-slavery Democratic Party.

In later years, Democrats claimed they were the original Republicans, mostly because they looked like buttheads for opposing Lincoln and good business practices. (Like not using slaves and stuff.)

But we know this is BS because even under FDR, the Democratic Party put Americans in concentration camps and today they embrace near-slave labor as long as they can get an overpriced iPad.

The modern Republican holds controversial views like small business is worth encouraging, more employees are hired when there are profits and private property should not be taxed above market values ever.

Social issues are all over the map in the Republican Party, because they allow other ideas into the machine. The Democrat Party tells their subordinates what Republicans think in easy-to-digest cartoonish talking points.
Republican: "I love that private commerce has brought us the greatest society in human history."

Democrat: "I am suffering with my two year old Volvo, iPhone, two iPads, Mac Book Pro and premium cable package.
You need to pay me a fair share you ____ Republican!"
by Guido555 October 27, 2011
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