3 definitions by Guang Hong-Qian

When you go to pee but your penis moves and you pee all over the wall.
Yo bro I just misfired in dat public bathroom dey gonna hafta clean dat up
by Guang Hong-Qian June 15, 2016
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A reference to the person speaking's testicles. Usually following the exclamation "Deez Nuts!" It tends to be used to compliment the speaker's genitals. Can also be exclaimed alone to emphasize victory or sass.

Pronounced "gah-tee".
Person 1: "This sandpaper is rough."

Person 2: "You know what else is rough?"

Person 1: "No, what?"

Person 2: "Deez Nuts! Ha, Gottim!"
by Guang Hong-Qian November 29, 2015
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