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People on internet forums (but not limited to forums) who use racial issues to start an argument. By playing the race card and / or creating volatile race issues that really don't exist so they can increase post count or potentially draw someone into an argument in hopes of getting them banned.
Scotty: I can't believe that cracker coach Rod Marinelli cut Charles Rogers from the Lions squad! Watch him replace C-Rog with a white wide receiver.

Lion Fans: Shut the fuck up Scotty - you're such a race baiter.
by Grund1e September 03, 2006

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A cunning, sneaky person. On internet forums they are often a liar, fake or poser. Will try to extract information from you to share with others and / or use it against you. Uses shiftiness to evade an obligation, commitment or duty. They will make promises then renege on them. 'Weasel' is very often followed by 'out' as in 'weasel out'.
"Watch her try to weasel out of that one."

"What a fucking weasel that lying bitch is."

"Every insurance company has a weasel clause so they don't have to pay their claim."
by Grund1e September 01, 2006

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Quimm refers to the most precious part of the female anatomy. Quimm can be considered the vagina but more frequently may be an alternate word for the Fillet, Lips, or Labia. It should also be noted that the Quimm being discussed would be attractive and pleasing not only to the sight but also the touch, smell and taste. NOT some ugly, misshapen, smelly, ratty old thing.
"She was taking it the ass like a true porn star when I noticed her luscious quivering quimm."
by Grund1e August 31, 2006

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The person who creates and runs a scam. The mastermind behind the operation but is also often the scammer who actually caries out the con or swindle.
"He's a fricken' scam artist and I wouldn't trust him with a dead fly."
by Grund1e September 01, 2006

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Abundant, plentiful and ample supply of Labia or Quimm. The beef of the vertical cheeseburger. The meat between the buns. The hanging meat curtains. Easily seen even with the females legs closed. Use of the word 'fillet' usually infers a willingness or desire to perform oral gratification on said lady.
"I thought Shula's offered the best fillet in town... Boy, was I wrong!"

"As she stood naked before me I gave thanks for the bounteous feast of juicy fillet I was about to enjoy."
by Grund1e August 31, 2006

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Two faced internet person derived from two words: PIE (as in, 'sweet as pie') and, FAUX (as in fake and / or wannabe). (Noun, pronounced as Py - owe). This type of individual is spreading across the net like an STD and they infect virtually every forum and internet community. Characteristics of these people (usually female but can be either sex) includes:
1) Displaying a lack of character or morals, even flirts; all in an attempt to appear fun, carefree and hopefully become 'popular'.
2) Lacks originality and creativity. A boring person however they don't see themselves as such.
3) Frequently becomes short tempered, rude and argumentative. Often sounds like a bufoon and is always making excuses and blaming others.
4) Persists with a know it all attitude but in reality is not very intelligent.
5) Often brags about love life, hobbies and position at work or in life; most of which is fabricated in order to impress other forum members.

Peer pressure along with a need to be accepted and admired motivates these people to behave in this manner. Most often they are confused manic depressives requiring medication or alcoholics with to much time on their hands.
"John, you're a worthless drunk old man who has to visit Bancock in order to get laid. You're such a Pieaux"

"Skylar, you Pieuax bitch! I wish the mods would ban your stupid ass!"

by Grund1e September 01, 2006

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A jerk who thinks he's a bad ass but is mostly just an asshole.
"I hate DeAngelo Hall... He is a Selfish Badonkadonkhole!"
by Grund1e February 25, 2008

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