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Public Displays of Affection

Basically any physical (hugging,kissing,holding hands,groping,etc) interactions (except for sex of any kind) in public, most of the time around sad single people that don't wanna see that shit.
Cory and Tonya: *making out*

Me: Can you guys tone it down the PDA's a bit? You guys have only been dating for like two days.
by Grh_fml December 22, 2018

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A beautiful state that is over-stereotyped

It’s a beautiful state that has a lot of attractions such as Black Water Falls, Seneca Rocks, Canaan Valley and many others. Their is a lot of stereotypes about West Virginia. Some examples are that we don’t wear shoes, we fuck our cousins, and we’re all very trashy. The truth is that most of these are not true. We have a few rednecks here, but there stereotypes are not always true. It’s just like any other state with cheesy suburban families and few trailer parks here and there. It’s low crime but there are lot of meth and crack heads everywhere. A LOT OF DRUGS!!!
by Grh_fml June 08, 2019

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