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Tienth is one sixteenth on an ounce. half an 8 ball. There is 28 grams in an ounce. so divide by 8 you get 3.5g which is an 8ball. half of an 8ball is 1.75g so it is a sixteenth. 1.75 times sixteen is 28 (an o). Usually referring to the sale of some kind of drugs
You hook me up with a tienth" or I just sold a teinth to that stripper
by GreenCodeinE May 31, 2010
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Used by prostitutes, Meaning a Benji or 100 dollar bill when the person doesn't want to plainly say I want money they usually add it in a discreet sentence that could be interpreted differently if you didn't already know what was up.
A hooker would say "you need to bring 1 rose" or "Roses are a girls best friend" that means you need to pay up sucka and she wants you to bring a friend with ya, Ben Franklin.. Can you dig it?
by GreenCodeinE May 29, 2010
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