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Greality - Also known as Greeley, Colorado is located about 50 miles north of Denver and 35 miles southeast of Fort Collins fo co.
Greality was historically a wealthy agricultural community settled by the Union Colony Company, it is now the least expensive place to live in northern coloardo. The greater Greeley area is home to around 90,000 people. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The city has seen huge expansion west toward Interstate 25 and Loveland in recent years and very little growth east. If one were to include Windsor, which is north and west of G-Town into the equation, then the growth west is even more drastic. Many of the retail services have moved with the growth resulting in a coma for downtown and death for the covered mall. Much of the city's historic buildings and homes are not in demographically desireable areas (the east side of town), so much of the beauty and charm isn't preserved and enjoyed by the community. The public schools get a lot of flack, but actually do a very good job. There are also some fantastic charter schools for students K-12. The University of Northern Colorado is expanding and gaining credibility that it never had outside of the feilds of education and music. It's not a hot bed of entertainment, but it is a very nice place to raise children. It is down to earth and yuppy free (see Boulder and Fort Collins for yuppies).
by Greeley Resident April 21, 2008
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