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A vacation for basic Bay Area bitches. Consists of Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Tijuana, Reno, Vegas, and pushing it, if we’re being boujee, maybe possibly Cabo.
Me: “Hey bro, I’m going on a Baycation next week.”
Bro: “No way, which one of the 6, possibly 7 options are you going to this time?”
by Gozling October 3, 2019
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Anything edible/drinkable that is hella fire, especially when homemade.
Chef: “Food’s almost done, let’s take another shot before we eat!”
Baby Chawty: “Dammmn that smells beouhmb!
Chef: *Does the leeips*
by Gozling July 4, 2020
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Gay, and having a great time!

“It's a greeting. It's a farewell. There is a call and response. Say it, then you have to say it back. Answer, or answer yourself”
-Kylie Minogue
G1: Padam!

G2: Padam!
(I hear it and I go)

G1: how’s your day?

G2: Padam Padam!
G1: I love that for you!! Padammm!
by Gozling June 25, 2023
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The “Lips” of someone who is either genuinely over a situation or just thoroughly disappointed at what they heard, often frequently.
Baby Chawty: “That food smells beouhmb!”
Chef: *Does the Leeips because of an unnecessary comment.”
by Gozling July 4, 2020
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