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Similar to a fag rag. (<- someone straight who hangs around lots of girls and acts kinda gay)

word i created to describe those with shaky hands who claim to have parkinsons disease in order to chat up girls
"ay he shakes his hands at girls in the club and they all like "AWWW" .. .fuckin park-rag!"
by Gogseh April 16, 2007
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when equal amounts of these 3 alcopops are combined into the 1 glass.

1. a blue vodka drink (red square blue/blue wkd etc)
2. a cloudy white vodka drink with lemon (e.g smirnoff ice)
3. orange bacardi breezer

the combination of the blue, cloudy white + orange makes a cloudy green color

also the mix of flavours along with the different alcohols combine to make a really sweet drink which will also happen to get u drunk very fast.
average joe downed 2 pints of green frog and spewed them all back up in the taxi home.
by Gogseh June 25, 2007
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