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Best show in da frickin' world... About 4 turtles with deadly martial art weapons. Like Nunchuku, Bo staff, Sai and Katana. Pretty cool shite there man!
They, Liked pizza man. They also fought the almighty shredder!

TMNT! This best show in this frickin' world... Owns all those homo face shows now a days

So.. What da shell?
teenage mutant ninja turtles best show ever.. They could own Dragon ball Z and all those power rangers and that homo face ben 10 crap! Thats the facts jack..
by God321 December 21, 2006
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It's when you get a massive bona in you'r pants.. And it chooses to stay and not to go away. Somtimes you end up having a orgasm in it
"Oh my god put that away." Said Jenny
"Put what away woman!" Said Todd
"That fuckin' huge ass trouser attack!" Yelled Jenny
by God321 November 15, 2006
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A man that feeds off the juice that comes outa the anus.. and must butt loving you to survive. If they get you too hard.. They might turn you into a anal vampire. And your forced to go around at night to butt love everyone to survive..To repell a anal vampire! spit out your window and pee all over your bed partner and eat your shit.
How to kill an anal vampire. This is most difficult! You must steal his magickal gold. In his left hand. Then you most make sure to stab a stake in his weewee and his butthole. This should paralize him. Then you must give him a alaskan firedragon so he chockes and dies..
How to tell if your friends a anal vampire. First.. if he says he likes big butts and tight butts.. Second, If he talks about bleeding from his penis. Last, If he eats bananas. alot.
Btw, These are real. Females can be infected too...

OMG... This man snuck in my bed last night and gave me some butt lovin'... Think he was a anal vampire.
by God321 November 15, 2006
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YESSS Tittie twisters are when your bored and pissed so you twist sombodies man boobies.. Or woman boobies.. Usally people like these but too afraid to admit it.
I got bored and I jumped on Jimmys fat ass chest and gave him a massive tittie twister... Twist this mofo i said to his anus!

I was a horny lesbian one day.. So i grabbed stelas mini Mexican boobies and ripped them off and ate them! Yesss! I owned you with a tittie twister!
by God321 February 07, 2007
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