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A triple-insult designed to really hit home. It is in fact three separate insults;

1. You're Fat
2. You're a Fuck
3. You're a Fat Fuck.
Shut the fuck up you Fat Fuckin Fuck.
by Go ham October 03, 2012

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A drink purchased from a grocery store using the following criteria;
1. The Drink costs less than 50 cents.
2. The Drink is not in a bottle

The most common use of this word is used for tropical fantasy, which is sold at 50 cents at most stores.
Friend 1- I got 1.50, what should i get?

Friend 2- You know what you could do with 1.50?

Friend 1- What?

Friend 2- You could buy 3 bummys.

Friend 1- ...
by Go ham October 02, 2012

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Another name for Toledo Ohio
You're going down to Toledo? I would avoid that stink hole.
by Go Ham May 27, 2012

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