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A cool website.. U can say anything u want pretty much and u won't get banned. U have to be 13 and up to go on it, but tons of younger kids go on pretending they're 13! It's fun. U can be VIP and non VIP, and u can make any place u want. It's an awesome site, but Not many people know about it!
Rose: Ooh did u try smallworlds.com?
Lilah: umm wats tht? Sounds STUPID

Lilah goes home and decides to chek it out.

3 months later

Lilah: OMG yayyy I got VIP and I won cute or boot!

Tim: WTF r u talking about?
Lilah: smallworlds.com. It's awesome
Tim: sounds stupid
by Glittergal May 26, 2011

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A crazy pop star who can write really good songs. She works so hard on writing them! She is art. The clothes, the songs, the videos is all ART. Lady gaga lives on stage and Stefani is a normal person. Lady gaga lives inside of music, and does not drink or sleep.
Grace: OMg! I hate lady gaga! That slut
Laurie: R u kidding me? She's like da queen of pop! STFU! She is art!
by Glittergal May 26, 2011

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