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To anticipate the occurrence of an unlikely event while feigning surprise by its ultimate lack of fruition.
I half expected Billy Mays to show up in my kitchen and start telling me I was doing it wrong.
by Glitch82 January 19, 2010

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A district of the city los angeles AkA the port of los angeles. A Ghetto city that has drive by shootings its easy to find crack or speed and knows what the ghetto bird (police helicopter) sounds like. Its smells like farts at night and like the refineries during the day. Its the toxic waste part of town. The population is 90% Latino, 5% black and one white person for every thousand mexicans the rest of the population being other that includes the samoans.Wiered place to live we have everything from gangsters to punk rockers.
Take a deep breath.
Couch Cough, Smells like shit.
Ya were home.
by glitch82 June 13, 2005

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