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a guy with a very big penis
Yo my boyfriend is a pepper, he is 9in.
by girl February 27, 2005
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A member of the group the Laus. The laus are a group opposed to science lessons (especially those taught by Mr Roper). A lau is intelligent and extremely kewl but prefers arty subjects (art/drama) to factual subjects (science/maths). The name lau comes from the maiden name of lau 2's mother.
Lau 2: My mum's maiden name was Lau
Lau 1: Really? that's such a kewl name! I want to be a lau
by girl February 23, 2005
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when you meet-n-greet your friends or family with a side-kiss, but really, you just touch cheeks and make the kissy sound
"Oh, hi!! *cheekies* I haven't seen you a while, how are you?"
by girl April 25, 2005
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1. The essence of a man is what gets him the pussy
2. The essence of man is the crucial element or the most important ingredient.
Jono's essence of man is at a very high level, no wonder he always gets the women.
by girl October 12, 2004
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something that you are forced to do if your in an all male prison.
criminal 01: "it's u'r turn tonight Jonathan"

Criminal 02: "no, i did it yesterday, besides your dick still up some other guys arse, i don't want his shit in my mouth"
by girl April 20, 2004
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the best sport on earth for females
girls had to work twice as hard to have the WNBA
by Girl April 06, 2005
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a guy who trys protecting a ho in a chat room by standing up for her, by supposedly saving her from everyone else calling her names
Everyone was picking on cuddly jen when chad came in and started being her captain save a ho.
by Girl February 28, 2004
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