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Magical Tea Party - a slightly derogatory term used in roleplaying system design (mostly on The Gaming Den) that refers to a freeform style of RP. Events and outcomes of the players' actions are determined by DM fiat rather than by a character's skill or chance of success.
DM: So as the DM, I decide everything that happens. There will be no dice rolling. What I say goes, and you can react however you like. What happens due to your reaction though is completely at my whim as well.

Player: So... it's basically MTP?
by GhostwheelZ December 29, 2011

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Secret Society of Trundle Players - Players of League of Legends who wish to prevent Trundle from seeing popularity. It died when Trundle free week came about, but people still think they're funny by being SSoTP sheep.
The first rule of SSoTP is that you do not talk about SSoTP.
by GhostwheelZ December 26, 2011

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