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A pretty girl who does'nt like to smile. Usually caused by a traumatic upbringing and/or bad relationships where she was taken for granted. Because of what she's been through, she does'nt realize how truly attractive she is or does'nt consider herself attractive anymore. A prime example of damaged goods.
Guy 1: Why does'nt the cutie that works at Starbucks smile more often? A pretty girl like that should be smiling all the time.
Guy 2: She's a mona lisa, bro.
Guy 1: Well, there's definitely a special place in hell for her ex boyfriends.
by GhostHunter September 06, 2005

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Another way of saying dingle berry.
You need to wipe your ass more! I can smell and hear your booty cakes!
by GhostHunter September 21, 2005

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aka Eli "I Want My Mommy" Manning. A semi talented quarterback who did not wean off his mothers teat until he turned 22 years old. Also dependent on his father to make decisions for him. Not to mention he cannot own up to his own mistakes.
Guy 1: Man, I don't know what to do? I don't know how to face my girlfriend and tell her I don't want to be with her anymore?
Guy 2: Why don't you ask your dad to break up with your girl for you?
Guy 1: Great idea, dude! I am so gonna pull off an Eli Manning!
by ghosthunter September 29, 2005

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