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When something is as good or comprable to the amazing powers of the Great Basketball player Steve Novak.
John: How did you like Batman
Kevin: It was pretty good. Steve Novak Good

Mike: Did you like "He's Just Not That In To You"
Al: Hell no, it was NOT Steve Novak Good
by Ghandi Von Wilson December 10, 2009

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Mid Day Masturbation. The greatness of settling down in the middle of the day when that nagging broker will not cease. You sneak off to a work bathroom, your bedroom, anywhere really, and bust a load. Then you go back to your normal routine as if nothing amazing just occurred.
Rob: Jeff, why are you smiling?
Jeff: I just MDM'd in the basement.
Rob: You lucky son bitch!
by Ghandi Von wilson January 18, 2012

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