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Films made by black directors such as Tyler Perry and Spike Lee, designed to exploit the ignorance of black people. These films rely on a cast of predominately black actors and stereotypical shenanigans to draw in large crowds of black people.
Target Audience: "Ay, dawg. You going to see that new Madea movie?"

Everyone Else: "No. I don't support blaxploitation."

Target Audience: "Ay, dawg. You going to watch that new Spike Lee joint?"

Everyone Else: "You don't find it suspicious that all his films are referred to as joints? It's because niggas love joints. You're not offended by that?"

Target Audience: "Ay, dawg. How come Spike Lee don't fuck with Tyler Perry?"

Everyone Else: "Tyler's the new king at exploiting black people, of course Spike Lee doesn't like him."
by GetRichOrDieExploiting October 30, 2012

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