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A great word to use around young people who don't know what it means; can fill in for all sorts of other words.
Did you see those two gerrymandering after the game last night?
You could definitely tell that he had just finished gerrymandering.
Did you do anything last night, or did you just sit around gerrymandering?
Congressman : I just finished reorganizing voting districts to benefit my political party.
Voters: Why is there so much gerrymandering?
by Gerrymanderingpigeonholr December 03, 2015
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A place you don't get to very often.
I.E. The club, the grocery store, the Jarl's palace, a vagina
Do you get to the Cloud District very often? Oh, what am I saying. Of course you don't.

-Nazeem (Drunken Huntsman, The Plains District of Whiterun, Skyrim, Tamriel, Nirn. Sometime in the 4th era.)
by Gerrymanderingpigeonholr April 29, 2016
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When a wingman settles for the larger of the two women so his bro can get the hot one
Even if it means taking a chubby, I will suck it up.
by Gerrymanderingpigeonholr April 12, 2016
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