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Maybe when you first meet a Christopher they'll seem like a jerk, and hurt you emotionally multiple times, or possible make the lamest jokes but one day he'll make up for it all, the best he can. Christophers will eventually realize the love that they've stored in a safe place for you. Christophers usually have the most gorgeous smile out there, and the most seductive voice. They're someone you wouldn't mind spending the rest of your entire life with. They have a tendancy to spend more time thinking of what to do for someone else than themselves. Christophers love adventure, new things, something to get their blood rushing and heart pounding. He Likes to endulge himself in ways that are usually naked and have his pensis out, a person with this name likes to do it doggy. A guy who always seems cool on the outside, but inside is confused about his feelings to others, and often need the support of his close friends so help him out a bit. BUT who am i kidding, Chris's are just plain awesome.
by Geraldean February 06, 2010
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