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A derivative of the Brazilian slang for "ass". To call someone a popozao in English, though, is to accuse them of douchebaggery worthy of Kevin Federline and his ill-fated rap career.
Dude, what do you mean you're not coming out with us? Don't be such a popozao.
by Geoffrey Bara October 21, 2008

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Despite many erroneous claims citing the origin of this term, is it widely accepted in scholarly circles as having its naissance in Agoura Hills, CA in the late nineties. Bestowed upon a female friend by her male friend of the homosexual persuasion, "slut muffin" is simply a more affectionate way of casting aspersions on the character of the lady in question.
"I saw the way you were acting with that fellow up on the Lido deck last night Katherine, you slut muffin!"
by Geoffrey Bara May 27, 2008

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