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A person who generally lives in a Trailer Park. They have almost no care for personal hygiene and if they are a girl they will often dress slutty with some major cleavage. They normally are very loud and obnoxious and do very stupid things. The kids version of these type of people will try to act "cool" by talking about all the "bad ass" things they have done and/or tried. No one really likes them too much, even their own kind. They are generally hated by the the clean people in society who care about being at least somewhat successful in their life. Trailer trash people don't care about what they do in their lives and think they are cool because of this. Getting in fights with other people make them happy even though they will usually get their asses kicked.

Overall, they are dirty, scummy, wannabe baddass, and annoying people who no one really likes one bit.
-Eww did you see those skanky, dirty people walking down the street??
-Yea I see them everyday trying to fight each other but they always kick their asses kicked.
-It doesn't even look like they shower or anything, their hair was all greasy...
-That's because they don't. They're called trailer trash. They dont even care either. I tend to not pay attention to them, just like everyone else because no one likes them anyway. and they are all just dirtbags.
-Well yea it definitely looks like it. I hope I don't get within 100 feet of them again. That was gross.
by GeoffMA May 19, 2008
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