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A term stemming from the term, no homo. A boutros is an internet pervert who lurks on the site of unsuspecting females and leaves sexually explicit comments via the comments section or email. To say, No Boutros, negates a comment you would make that might be perceived as sexual in anyway.
You should get a web cam so I could see you naked, no boutros.
by Geekbird April 21, 2005

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A hybrid of the words twat (vagina) and waterworks (crying). A term describing a person who is overtly sensitive and takes sarcasm and obvious humor personally. The act of bitching and moaning over obvious satire.
You shouldn't have made fun of her, now she's putting on the twaterworks.
by Geekbird April 27, 2005

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to solicit intercourse with another individual through the internet. One must make the request and wait for a positive response before proceeding with the knocking of any boots
Will you intervire with me?
by Geekbird May 03, 2005

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A term used when describing a kick ass entry in the form of an internet journal or blog. To say a post in an online journal or blog is Geekbird, is to say that the said post is held in the highest esteem or is deemed quite exceptional.
Wow, that last entry of yours was very Geekbird. I've never read something quite as brilliant and unique as that post.
by Geekbird May 10, 2005

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